Transforming your self-build dreams into a reality!


Lapwings can design and build your new self-build home, from when you purchase the land to a turn key finish. From managing the site to providing all trades.

Do you have a design or style in mind for your self-build?

That can be taken and personalised, to help to fit it within your budget, and deliver it on time.

Lapwings can help you to transform your self-build dreams into a reality. You may have thought self-building your dream property was out with your reach. Perhaps you are concerned that you will be project managing from a long distance.

Let Lapwings Look After YOU!  From Idea To Completion.

Right through from the design stage to helping you self-build your new dream home, from idea to completion. Lapwings can help you to transform your self-build dreams into a reality. From when you purchase the land, to a turn-key finish.

Lapwings manage the site and provide all trades supplied.

Do you have a design or style in mind?

We take that idea and personalise it, to help to fit it within your budget and deliver it on time.

At Lapwings we are proud that we take a keen interest throughout every stage of the self- build. E.g. We will analyse the architect drawings, make recommendations, assist and offer advice throughout the whole process from beginning to end.

We omit the jargon, aiming for our client’s new house build to be as stres- free a process as possible.

We can advise on the layout of the house, the materials used (materials used are dependent on the location). E.g. A new house build located on the Isle of Skye facing the West of Scotland, has to endure high winds, heavy rain and is constantly blasted by the elements.

Therefore, they need to be designed to be “fit for the purpose”. Building a house in a coastal area, is not quite the same as building a house in a town.

All of our houses are bespoke and custom built, customised to suit your lifestyle, designed to your tastes, with the layout tailored to suit your individual needs.

This could be a traditional or contemporary style of house – Either commercial or residential.

Lapwings self-build clientele range from B2B clients for commercial premises ie Skyfall, self-catering accommodation. Others are residential self-builds for the B2C sector.

The majority of residential clients are from the South East corner of England and the London areas. Clients from London usually have purchased plots of land and are looking to self-build a second home for holidays. Primarily to escape the stresses and strains, hustle and bustle of busy city life for the peaceful and tranquil laid back lifestyle of the Highlands and Islands and include properties located on the picturesque and stunning locations of Lochcarron, Dingwall and many others throughout the picturesque Highlands of Scotland.

Did you know Lapwings offer a plot finding service?

We can assist in helping you to find a plot. So if you have not yet found a plot of land to build your dream house on, we can help!

Or perhaps you have already purchased a plot of land and are looking for a small construction company who offer a personal service that can help take care of this for you?

Guess what? Lapwings can help with this too! Don’t delay, call John Moir at Lapwings TODAY on 07789 035480 to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Self-Build

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